Romania – strong potential in IT, but the last in the EU in terms of digitalisation

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Romania ranks 28th in the European Union’s DESI-Digital Economic and Society Index, but has a very high potential for development in this area, according to an PwC analysis.

”Romanians like to boast with the exceptional speeds of the broadband services, with the quality of IT specialists, which are very sought after by the world’s major technology players, and with the inventions and IT applications launched in Romania. But at a statistical level, our country’s performance in digitalisation is rather modest,” Ionut Simion, Country Managing Partner, PwC Romania, stated in a press release.

Although Romania’s performances are exceptional in terms of high-speed broadband subscriptions (2nd in the European Union) and the relative price reported to revenue for fixed broadband services (10th place), our country ranks 22 out of 28 Member States in terms of connectivity, and has a lot to catch up in what regards the coverage of fixed broadband telephony services as well as  4G mobile services, the analysis reads.

Regarding the use of the Internet, Romania ranks last in the European Union (EU). Although social networks and video calls are being used more and more frequently, Romanians are reluctant to deal with online banking and transactions. Thus, only 12 percent of the Romania’s population makes online purchases, and 90 percent of the order placed online was paid in cash on delivery.

At country level, there is also a delay in the integration of digital technology into business, even if some progress has been made. Thus, the share of Romanian companies using socialization platforms (8 percent) increased. Instead, only 7 percent of SMEs sell their products using online platforms.

As far as human capital is concerned, Romania ranks last in the EU but progressed compared to last year, especially as regards the number of people accessing the online environment (56 percent).

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