Romania, the 10th largest producer of ice cream in the EU


Romania was the tenth largest producer of ice cream in the European Union last year, with a production of 444.4 million liters, counting for 1.4 percent of the total ice cream production in the EU, totaling 3.2 billion liters, say the latest statistic released by Eurostat on Wednesday.

Among the EU member states, the largest ice cream producer is Italy, boasting a production of 595 million liters in 2016, counting for 19 percent of the total production in the EU. Germany ranks second, with 515 million liters or 16% of the EU production and France comes third, with 454 million liters of ice cream produced last year, counting for 14 percent.

Spain, Poland, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway come next, with Romania ranking tenth.

Romania outranks such countries as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Finland, Bulgaria and Denmark.

According to the Association of Ice Cream Producers in Romania, 80 percent of the total annual ice cream quantaties are sold during June-September. The association, which holds 80 percent of the domestic ice cream market, are producing 30,000 tons of ice cream annually, which means a consumption of at least 25,000 tons in the hot summer months.

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