Romania to have a national database of mineral resources

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Romania will have a national database about the mineral resources upon the Government’s approval of the Geological Research Program, Anca Magdalena Chiser, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy stated in a press conference, informs.

According to her, setting up such a database can bring clarifications about the prospects of identifying new deposits leading to the completion of geological works in the areas with prospects of contouring some valuable reserves.

”Through this ambitious program, there will be outlined the perimeters with mineral resources of the primary energy class such as radioactive ores, coal, renewable energy sources in the geothermal water class, non-metallic mineral substances with significant gross added value,” Chiser explained.

Economy Ministry’s official also stressed that “for mining revitalization, it’s urgent and necessary to draft a Mine Law that meets the current requirements.”

Chiser also pointed out that Romania needs to increase the energy security and access to major oil and gas reserves.

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