Romania to reach a EU funds absorption rate of over 50 pc via PNDR 2020

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Agriculture Minister Petre Daea announced that Romania will reach this year at a European absorption rate of over 50 percent through the National Rural Development Programme (PNDR) 2020, and the amount could exceed EUR 4.1 billion.

According to him, the Romanian Agency for Financing Rural Investments (AFIR) posted excellent results in 2017, bringing Romania first in the European Union’s analysis.

He added that from 2015 to 2018, 44,092 investment projects were filed at AFIR, amounting to EUR 6.98 billion, of which 23,368 were selected, amounting to EUR 3.37 billion. The contracted amount exceeds EUR 3.28 billion.

”Today, Romania’s absorption rate in PNDR 2020, which is fed from the European Rural Development Fund (FEADR), is 36 percent. At the EUR 2.7 billion absorbed so far, with the EUR 1.4 billion scheduled for this year, of which we already have EUR 100 million euros so far, we will reach EUR 4.1 billion,” Daea said.

Agriculture Minister also announced that the submission of payment requests for farmers begins this year on March 1 and will last until May 15 at the Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA).

He pointed out that the budget effort this year for paying subsidies is EUR 2.7 billion.

On the other hand, Daea said that Romania does not record harvest losses due to low temperatures until this date, but there are some problems in fruit growing in the Dobrogea region, as well as in viticulture in the north area.

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