Romanian American Chamber of Commerce: “We are working to bolster as many concrete projects as possible”

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Elias Wexler, Executive Director of the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce has sent a message congratulating Romania on its National Day, stressing that the chamber’s goal remains to boost ties between the U.S. and Romania.
December 1th is the day of the Great Union which led to the declaration of the modern Romania. For all Romanians at home and from all around the world, the celebration of the National Day of Romania is an urge to unity, national pride and solidarity.
The Romanian American Chamber of Commerce goal remains to strengthen cooperation between the United States of America and Romania. Despite the major impact of the Covid-19 pandemic we are working to bolster as many concrete projects as possible and your support is acknowledged. Romanian business has been open-minded to the possibility of growth in the United States and the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce is one of the main source of information and sustain support for success.
We regret that because of the current pandemic crises we did not had the opportunity to meet many of you but you have an essential role in consolidating the relations between the business communities in our countries. Our aspiration is to actively promote this relation and we cannot do it without your support.
Finally, we wish you good health and accomplishments. 
Happy birthday Romania!”, reads the message.

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