Romanian coder develops app that helps farmers find vets faster


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A Romanian coder from Constanta, who also owns an animal farm has invested EUR 100,000 in a tech start-up, an application that is connecting farmers in the countryside with the veterinarians in the neighbourhood.

VetFast app is meant to help breeders find a vet as quick as possible when the animals from his farm need treatment. The app is also keeping a record of the medical condition of each animal through a digital veterinary health card. The card will be extremely useful for the vet when an intervention is needed.

Alexandru Pavel, the VetFast developer, recounts that he had come up with the idea of an app of this kind when an animal from his farm had died unexpectedly. “The signs of the disease could have been noticed in due time and its death could have been prevented if its conditions had been monitored”, he says.

The entrepreneur has also revealed that he is working on a device to be worn by the animal, to its leg or neck, that should be able to send information in real time to the farmer or to the vet who is monitoring the animal’s medical condition.

Equipped with multiple sensors, the device will take over digital information about the animal, ranging from its body temperature, weight and GPS tracking up to the environmental conditions in the area where the animal lives, such as the air quality or the light intensity so that the farmers could know at any moment where the animal is, if it’s healthy or sick.

All information about the animals on VetFast are available anytime on any device for the farmers and they can shared to the vets in the neighbourhood so that they can provide assistance remotely or to establish a physical exam for the treatment scheme. At the same time, farmers can benefit of the expertise of other breeders in the community.

The app is free of any charge for now and it already counts over 1,000 breeders and veterinarians.

VetFast is one of the 8 projects in the Food & Agri Tech Challenge pre-acceleration programme launched by Impact Hub Bucharest and EFSE DF early this year and which will end this month.

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