Romanian companies, the last in EU at online business promotion

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12 percent of Romanian companies have advertised online in 2016. Less than a third of companies using the Internet promote themselves on social networks, Perceptum marketing agency reveals.

Digital marketing remains in 2017 too specialists’ preferred strategy. Websites’ adapting to mobile will be mandatory.

Only 12 of 100 Romanian firms with over 10 employees have advertised through the Internet in 2016, being on the last place in the EU. Also, less than half of SMEs in Romania (42 percent) have a website.

Eurostat statistics indicates a high degree of Romanian entrepreneurs’ backwardness in the use of the most effective ways to promote the business. And this deprives them of notoriety and important segment for customers.

According to European data, Malta and Ireland have most firms that promote themselves through social media channels, 71 percent and 66 percent respectively. At European level, 77 percent of SMEs have a website, 45 percent use social networks for promotion and only 25 percent of them are advertising on the Internet.

In 2017, Romanian entrepreneurs should take advantage of the marketing tools provided by the Internet. Moreover, the adaptation of web pages for mobile phones will be mandatory for those who wish to recover the lost ground, according to Raluca Ghilea, executive manager of Perceptum.

According to Eurostat, the four most widely known categories of social media are: (a) social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, and others; (b) corporate blogs or microblogs such as Twitter,, and others; (c) multimedia content-sharing websites such as YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, and others; and (d) wiki-based knowledge-sharing tools.

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