Romanian cosmetics manufacturer Cosmetic Plant, awarded in Germany


Cluj-based Cosmetic Plant won the title of Best Drugstore Skincare Product at German Beauty Award 2016, with its instant LiftUp serum, a press release informs.cosmetic plant

At Drugstore Skincare Products category, the winners were selected by a jury of people in the beauty industry, owners of spas, Make-Up Artists, cosmetic producers, beauty specialists and beauty editors, who analyzed and tested carefully all the products entered in the competition.

Alongside Cosmetic Plant, but at other categories, internationally famous brands such as Elisabeth Arden, M. Asam, nude by nature, Lavera or Retrovue were also present.

Calming Relief from Physiogel and Skin Balance from Prontomed were among finalists for Best Drugstore Skincare Product category.

“The ‘Best Drugstore Skincare Product’ prize, won for instant LiftUp serum at the German Beauty Award confirms, once again, that we have innovative cosmetic products which rise to global quality standards, but at competitive prices and accessible to all. Knowing Germanic rigor, winning this award is a further reason of satisfaction for us,” Susana Laszlo, General Manager Cosmetic Plant stated.

According to her, LiftUp serum has LIFTONIN®-XPRESS as basic ingredient, an innovative product extracted from marine algae from the Red Sea.

Currently, Cosmetic Plant portfolio includes over 110 products split into 16 assortment ranges grouped by the main active ingredient (marigold, sea buckthorn, olive oil, Q10 + green tea, argan oil, etc.) or by product use (sunscreen, anti-cellulite, hair care).

Romanian cosmetics manufacturer estimates for 2017 a turnover of about EUR 2.5 million.



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