Romanian deep tech start-up lures EUR 330,000 to develop innovative technology able to generate synthetic (AI-created) media


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Humans, a Romanian deep tech start-up, has lured EUR 330,000 to develop a innovative technology able to generate synthetic (AI-created) media. The biggest investors in the company are Early Game Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in Romanian start-ups operating in emerging industries, and ROCA X, part of Impetum Group, a project destined to disruptive businesses.

The technology developed by Humans is based on the latest breakthroughs on artificial intelligence and consists in manipulating the voice, image and gestures of some people, with the aim of generating synthetic representations of a person’s identity, also known as digital DNA, synthetic or algorithmically generated media.

The technology cane be used, for instance, for audio books (with the voice of the favorite author used to narrate books), for online courses delivered by the favorite star, to direct commercial without the physical presence of actors needed or to customize audio-video productions in any language.

The platform developed by Humans will generate synthetic representations based on the consent of the holder of these data. The data will be delivered through B2B pattern to various industries, from media production to advertising and security, or online courses and live video conferencing.

Humans plans to launch the platform of generating and manipulating digital DNA at the end of this year.

However, this technology requires a well-defined ethical framework and this is also one of the start-up’s priorities, as Sabin Dima, CEO Humans said.

“Synthetic media will generate a revolution, as it will be used in various sectors (…) but, at the same time, it comes with a need for responsibility of those involved in developing and using this technology”, Sabin Dima said.

To accelerate the development of this technology, Humans is in search of coders to join its team, for such positions as deep tech researcher, 3D Modeling Software Engineer, but also in the AI research and development area. Further details are available here.

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