Romanian employees prefer working in the multinational companies, study says

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Despite the salary hikes in the public sector, only three in ten Romanian employees say they would consider working in a state institution in the near future, says a survey conducted by BestJobs online hiring platform this month.

About six in ten employees in Romania prefer working in private companies, while 9 percent would like to be self-employed.

Among those who want a career in the private sector, roughly two thirds would like to work in a multinational company, while a quarter would favor a medium-size company and only one in ten would work for a start-up.

73% of the respondents who admitted they might consider a job within a state institution would also prefer working in a big company, and 26% would work in a smaller size state institution.

In terms of fields of activity, most of the respondents would work in the financial-accounting sector, human resources, engineering, public administration, logistics, retail and transport.

Besides the salary and other financial benefits, the main aspects considered by the job seekers are the stability of the job (86%) and the promotion opportunities (85%). The reputation of the employers comes third (52%) and working overseas ranks fourth (42%). The employer’s brand is important for 30% of the surveyed employees.

Questioned what are the three most important expectations from their potential employers, 57% of the respondents said they wanted to be treated with respect, but also a warm and friendly working environment does matter (56%), along with the personal development opportunities (54.5%).

Employees also want their boss provide them with a balance between the professional and private life (43%%).

The performance bonus is the most important extra-salary benefit for the surveyed employees (4 in 10 employees). Two in ten respondents would like to work remotely. Free transportation (7.5%), private pensions (5.7%), passes for sports to the sports and wellness centres or well-being programmes, like massage and beauty classes, are also considered when choosing a new job.

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