Romanian engineer builds up airplane motors for US and Israel

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A Romanian entrepreneur produces engines for aerospace industry that end up equipping USA and Israel airplanes and helicopters.

With European funds he managed to expand his business in Maracineni, Buzau County up to 40 employees. At the end of last year the factory’s turnover exceeded 1 million USD.
In 1997 Gheorghe Obreja used to own a factory which produced cressets for export and afterwards he began producing parts for the aerospace industry.
Now, after 17 years of experience, this is the only factory in Romania that produces motors for the aerospace industry.
In order to export, parts of the engines had to be checked by inspectors form US and Israel, thus he decided to submit a RON 340,000 project  to purchase his own testing equipment. The Regional Development Agency has been analyzing  the project for two years and a half before approving the payment, according to He invested EU funds in equipment and laboratory research.

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