Romanian entrepreneur’s portrait: Male, 45 yo, 12 hours of work per day


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The average age of the Romanian entrepreneurs is almost 45 years old and started out by themselfs, “White Paper of SMEs in Romania 2016” research report shows. Also, only in 22 percent of local SMEs there are between two and five associates.

One in five entrepreneurs dedicate 12 hours every day to their business, meaning that he works by 20 percent more than full-time employee in Romania.

Increasingly more Romanians start a business on their own, a fact supported by the increase of 51 percent in the number of SRL-D companies (microenterprises belonging to debutant entrepreneurs) compared to last year.

Most of the Romanian SMEs are owned by entrepreneurs of 45-60 yo (37.5 percent) and by those of 35-45 yo (33.8 percent).

On the opposite side, there are young people under 25 yo who hold just over 1 percent of SMEs.

The same data show that the average age of the Romanian entrepreneur is 44.4 yo.

Most entrepreneurs are men (69.7 percent) with economic training (22.3 percent) or engineers (17.2 percent) and married (82.9 percent) and with children (70 percent).

One in five respondents in the survey dedicate at least 60 hours per week on their business and do not involve family members in the company’s activity, according to the report.

The study was conducted by interviewing 1,096 entrepreneurs from all the counties.

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