Romanian food company aims to buy a factory in Dolj County

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Distribuție pe Gustate, food distribution and production company operating in southern Romania, is about to make a private placement on the Bucharest Stock Exchange to attract two million EUR by increasing the share capital. The amount will support the company to continue its planned investments until the end of 2022, including the acquisition of a production unit.

Distributie pe Gustate is a meat distribution and production company operating in Oltenia and Muntenia. The company, which was launched in 2011, had a turnover of 11.1 million EUR last year. Initially, it worked only on the distribution segment but starting in 2019 it expanded into the production of meat products/ by developing its brand: Mezeluri din Bănie.

The private placement will allow the company to continue its growth at an accelerated pace on the three main business lines: food distribution, expansion of its own store network, and meat products produced under the “Mezeluri din Bănie” brand.

The private placement of the newly issued shares by the Distribuție pe Gustate to attract capital is mediated by the brokerage company Goldring. The fiscal and financial consultant of the company Distribuţie pe Gustate is Valentin Nedelcu, founder of Știința Banilor.

Discussions for the acquisition of a meat factory in Dolj, this year

“With these funds, we shall increase the speed of the investment process in two directions: the acquisition of a production unit for meat products in Dolj County this year and the improvement of production costs and the purchase of raw materials, which will increase the company’s margin and profit. Also, part of the funds will be used to digitalize the company and the marketing investments to increase the Mezeluri din Bănie e brand. We are also considering expanding our store network in the main cities in southern Romania

in the near future. Our investment plans include several other projects, and we are happy that, by listing the company on BVB, with the support of our partners – Goldring and Money Science, we will be able to lead the company to match our vision”, states Bogdan Asan-Mic, shareholder and administrator of Distribuție pe Gustate.

The transaction for the acquisition of the factory in Dolj County is to be completed in Q2 of this year.

Plans to develop the store network.

The company has a network of 14 stores in the cities of Pitești, Costești, Ploiești, Drăgășani, Balș, Craiova, Corabia, Târgu Jiu, Strehaia, Bucharest. In the 3-5-year investment plan, the company management plans to open cash & carry stores and warehouses in the main cities in southern Romania, where the company also operates with its distribution network.

Also, the company management is in talks with distributors, retailers, and delivery platforms for the products of “Mezeluri din Bănie” to be distributed nationwide.

Distribuție pe Gustate has over 1,500 business to business customers in counties such as Argeș, Olt, Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinți, Hunedoara, Teleorman, Prahova, Dâmbovița, Ilfov.

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