Romanian furniture in German Bundestag

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Romanian Ion Pau, included in 2008 local billionaires Top, with a fortune estimated at EUR 8-9 million, holds Koncord Trans, a furniture factory which exports exclusively in Europe.

The businessman’s factory from Targu Jiu county has a portfolio of over a thousand models of solid wood furniture, designed for foreign market. The most recent order was to furnish German Parliament, informs. The Romanian factory has 100 employees and is modernly technological equipped.

The activity of Koncord Trans in the field of woodworking started in 1998. The end products were then the panels, both with continuous strips and finger-jointed strips, that were exported 100 percent to countries like Germany and Austria. 3 years after the start of the production, Koncord Trans became one of the leading exporting companies of solid wood panels in Romania, with an annually production of 1200 cubic meters or 80 truckloads of furniture per year. Investment in furniture factory reaches EUR 3 million.

Besides furniture, the factory made the step towards producing games hardly known in Romania, but appreciated abroad.

The main essence used by the furniture factory is beech, known to be a tough wood. It is ideal for interior furniture and it is easy to maintain as well. It bears multiple processing and has a very appealing colour both in natural state, and also varnished with different natural and non-polluting oils and paints.

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