Romanian-Greek commercial exchanges up by 15.66 pc last year


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The total value of the commercial exchanges between Romania and Greece mounted to EUR 1,126 M on October 31, 2014 compared to EUR 976 M on October 30, 2013, thus registering a 15.66 percent increase. The exports were worth EUR 613 M in 2014, up by 30.73 percent compared to 2013 and exceeded the imports of EUR 512 M, which however registered a slight 1.63 percent rise compared to 2013.

Yet, in 2013 the situation was reversed as far as the imports-exports balance was concerned. On October 31, 2013 exports of EUR 474 M were reported and imports of EUR 503 M.

Romania mostly exported in Greece base metals and metallic products, electric devices, mineral products, animals and animal products, while the imports focused on base metals and mettalic products (aluminium profiles), electric devices, plastics and gum products, chemical industry products, vegetal products.

Greece, the 6th investor in Romania

As for Greek investments in Romania, there were 5,992 Greek companies registered in Romania on December 30, 2014, holding a EUR 1.7 billion capital, meaning 4.68 percent of the foreign companies’ capital in Romania. Greece ranks sixth among foreign investors in our country. Investments from the privatization processes (Romtelecom, Bancpost, ICME-ECAB Bucure?ti, Sometra Cop?a Mic?, Pescarul SA Bucure?ti etc.) and portfolio investments add to the previous ones.

Compared to 2013, the number of Greek companies investing in Romania increased, as there were 5,790 companies with Hellenic capital registered by December 31, 2013, with a EUR 1.68 billion capital.

The prevailing investment sectors of Greece in Romania cover most of the commerce and industry sectors: telecommunications, banking sector, insurance companies, food production (bakery, dairy, meat industries), public food service, tobacco industry, water and refreshments, furniture, constructions, plastics industry, general commerce, legal advice and medical services.

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