Romanian job seekers still prefer work-from-home

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Remote jobs continue to rank first in the preferences of the Romanian job seekers. According to BestJobs latest survey, in August there were almost 100,000 searches for remote jobs. The survey was conducted on 866 users during August 1-20.

The total number of job applications increased by 34% in August as against the same period last year. The most sought-after jobs were in such fields as transports (over 18,000 searches), engineering (over 17,000 searches), accounting (over 12,000 searches) and human resources (over 10,000). Retail lured most of the candidates in August.

Amid the existing epidemic, more than a half of employees (52.2%) consider that recruiting will mostly go online in the coming period.

At the same time, 42% of the employees believe that, during the recruiting process, more will be needed besides the classic resume, such as a video presentation, while 37% of the applicants think that recruiting will be mainly done based on the recommendations from the existing employees. 19.3% expect more thorough proficiency tests to be included in the head hunting procedure.

When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the labour market in Romania, 58.4% of respondents noticed that there are fewer available jobs in the first place and that it last longer till they find a new job (56.6%), but also that making a difference among job seekers has become more difficult (42%) or that employers offer lower wages and less benefits like before the pandemic (40%).

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