Romanian Leads $500B Smart City Project in Saudi Arabia, NEOM


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Eduard Dumitrașcu, president of the Romanian Smart City Association (ARSC), known for his significant contributions in the field of smart cities at national, regional, and international levels, was recently invited to join the NEOM project as a member of the prestigious Knowledge Community “Securing the Future of Urban Living”. Thus, Eduard Dumitrașcu will be involved in the largest smart city project in the world, worth 500 billion dollars, developed in Saudi Arabia.

As an internationally recognized expert and founder and developer of the smart city concept in Romania, Eduard Dumitrașcu will bring to NEOM a valuable perspective and vast experience in the field of smart urban development. Its participation in this project underscores its ongoing commitment to using technology and innovation to create more sustainable and efficient urban communities.

Eduard Dumitrașcu is part of a select group of 13 international members, each bringing diverse expertise in the field of smart cities and cyber security. His role in this group is central to developing smart urban planning strategies with a particular focus on sustainability, resilience, and equity. Also, one of Eduard Dumitrașcu’s main goals within the NEOM – GCF Institute is to integrate emerging technologies in ways that support sustainable urban development, with a particular focus on cyber security. This is crucial given the increasing reliance on technology in the management of modern urban infrastructures.

This initiative, with NEOM as a strategic partner and founding member of the GCF Institute, represents an important step in the evolution of smart cities globally. GCF Institute was established by a royal decree signed by Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

“I welcome with enthusiasm the initiative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to establish the Institute for the Global Cyber ​​Security Forum in Riyadh. This represents a significant step in strengthening cyber security globally with a special focus on urban spaces. I have been developing these projects for 8 years and I am confident that this new institute will play a crucial role in shaping the future of cyber security, thus contributing to the development of safer and more sustainable smart cities around the globe. NEOM, the revolutionary project from Saudi Arabia, represents a fertile ground for innovation and technological development”, says Eduard Dumitrașcu, ARSC president and member of the NEOM project.

Through his vision and actions, Eduard Dumitrașscu emphasizes that technology and innovation, when used wisely, can bring positive transformations to urban life, thus contributing to the creation of a more sustainable and equitable future for urban communities globally.

What is NEOM, the city of the future

NEOM is the most futuristic urban area in the world, which will be built in the north-west of Tabuk province in Saudi Arabia, opening to the Red Sea. NEOM is a combination of the Greek word neos (“new”), and the word mustaqbal, which means “future” in Arabic. Thus, the entire city, which will be fully technological, will cover an area of ​​26,500 square km, being the size of a country like Belgium. The city of the future will be completely sustainable, with futuristic facilities and 170 km of glass walls.

NEOM will be the largest smart city project in the world, which will integrate facilities from 14 fields, from manufacturing, technology, education, research and innovation, financial services, energy, mobility, sports, health and wellbeing, tourism, entertainment, and media, totaling 500 billion dollars. NEOM City is projected to be completed by 2030, to host the 2034 World Cup.

In the context of the GCF Institute, a global forum dedicated to cyber security, the ARSC President contributes his unique perspective to discussions on the protection of data and critical infrastructures in smart cities.

Eduard Dumitrașcu was also invited and involved in Smart City projects and initiatives in countries such as Ukraine, Tunisia, Mexico, Vietnam and Jordan. Dumitrașcu is the founder and developer of the smart city concept in Romania, being directly involved in national projects for improving the technological infrastructure in Romania, accelerating digitization and improving the quality of life of Romanians through technological implementations that transform localities into smart localities.

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