Romanian natural gas transmission system, on pre-alert

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Romania’s national natural gas transmission system (SNT) was in a pre-alert state on Friday morning, as pointed by the indicator that shows the actual volume of gas in the transmission pipelines, Transgaz, the SNT operator, reported.

The Line Pack indicator, which reflects the actual quantity of gas existing at a certain moment in the Transgaz gas transmission pipeline system, had a value of 54.1 million cubic metres at 07:00hrs.

The company explains that the optimum status of the SNT is reached when the Line Pack value ranges between 49 and 51 million cubic metres, and the normal state is between 42 and 49 million cubic meters and between 51 and 53 million cubic meters.

The pre-alert status is considered for a Line pack range of 36-42 million cubic metres and between 53 – 55 million cubic metres, the situation reported on Friday morning.

The system enters an alert status when the Line Pack is smaller than 36 million cubic metres or greater than 55 million cubic metres.

On Friday at 09:00hrs, gas consumption was 55.4 million cubic metres per day, of which 25.5 million cubic metres of domestic production through SNT, 19.9 million cubic metres extracted from storage facilities.

At the same time, imports reached 10 million cubic metres, or 18% of total consumption.

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