Romanian outranked Poland and Hungary on car production in the EU

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Romania has ranked 8th on production of passenger cars in the European Union, outranking Poland and Hungary. However, our country is far below Slovakia and Czechia, reads the ACEA’s  full-year 2018 Economic and Market Report with the latest figures on the registration, production and trade of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, both in Europe and around the world.

The report also shows that Japan and Turkey are the markets that are exporting most of the cars imported by the EU, while US and China are the main export destinations. On buses and commercial vehicles, Turkey is the main export state to the EU.

In Central Europe, Romania (+29.7%) and Slovakia (+9.8%) posted strong increases, but in 2018 car production dropped in Poland (-14.9%) and Hungary (-3.7%).

Production of passenger cars in the European Union decelerated in 2018, as domestic demand weakened amid slowing economic growth and disruption caused by the introduction of the new WLTP emissions test. As a result, full-year production amounted to 16.1 million units, down 2.1% when compared to 2017 output. Nevertheless, the EU maintained its position as the world’s second largest producer of passenger cars, accounting for 20.5% of global car production in 2018.

Looking at the main car-producing countries in Western Europe, output only grew slightly in France (+0.4%) but fell strongly in Italy (-10.2%), Germany (-9.9%) and the United Kingdom (-9.7%) last year.

See the full report here.

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