Romanian sea ports posted record freight traffic in 2019

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The Romanian sea ports have recorded the highest freight traffic in their history last year, announced the National Company of Constanta Ports Administration has announced today.
The total freight traffic in the Romanian sea ports reported over 66.6 million tons last year, up by 8.64% as against 2018, when it stood at around 61.3 million tons. This is an absolute record in the history of the Romanian sea ports.
The highest share of transported goods was for cereals (32%), followed by crude oil (12.1%), various products -9.9%, oil products-9.5%, iron ore-7.8%, natural and chemical fertilizers – 6%, non-ferrous ore and waste-6%.
The maritime traffic increased by 5.8% up to around 51.45 million tons in 2019, while the river transport rose by 19.8% up to 15.14 million tons.

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