Romanian startup launches tourist project based on wooden cube-shaped summer cottages

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A new tourist concept in Romania, but frequently seen in the Nordic countries, Rentakub, consisting in a network of wooden cube-shaped summer cottages is also implemented in our country, following a project developed by a local startup.

Such projects on summer cottages to be rented for tourists are under way in Bacău, Băile Felix, Râșnov, Slănic Moldova, but also in Bran, Cluj or Constanta.

The Rentakub pilot project has been initiated in Romania in a holiday village in Slanic Moldova mountain resort in early 2019.

The total investment for such a holiday village where tourists can rent a small-size summer cottage designed as wooden cubes can mount to EUR 250,000. The cottages have a minimalist design and can have even their own courtyard.

Tour operators or ordinary citizens can join the projects by buying these cottages, with prices per cottage ranging from EUR 14,000 to EUR 40,000, depending on the desired model.

Such a Kub house can be built in around 60 days. At present, there seven models available in Romania, with surfaces ranging from 19 to 70 square meters.

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