Romanian tech companies challenged to do business in Dubai

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Dubai Future Foundation invites the Romanian start-ups, entrepreneurs or established tech companies to find innovative solutions to the challenges faced by 12 public institutions in Dubai.

Dubai Future Accelerator opens its call for applications aiming at pairing the most innovative tech ideas around the world with the current challenges of 12 government partners from Dubai, including Dubai Police, Road and Transport Authority, Electricity and Water Authority, Emirates Airline etc. The finalists will benefit from a 9 weeks program that includes mentorship sessions, collaboration with leading public and private sector organizations and, in the end, winners will sign an actual contract for the implementation and execution of the project proposals. The applications can be sent until August 12th 2018 on

While Dubai seems a bit far away for Romanians to start a business, the country has attracted in the recent years the most important business accelerators (such as Techstars) and companies that have technology and innovation at their core. In line with the national commitment to be the global leading innovative country up to 2071, Dubai has institutionalized innovation through the foundation of Area 2071, a dynamic physical and digital ecosystem under the Dubai Future Foundation; based in the same building with the Government of Dubai. This whole space functions as an open hub that provides co-working opportunities for big companies, start-ups and public sector that are encouraged to share best practices to solve the challenges of tomorrow through new technologies.

Dubai Future Accelerator, a program started in 2016 by the Dubai Future Foundation, is now looking for its 5th cohort of partners that would boost innovation to different areas that have a direct impact on day-to-day living, such as security, migration, water and waste management, mobility etc. Following the first 4 editions, up to 110 memorandums of understanding (MOUs) have been concluded between the participating private companies and government entities of Dubai.

In this context, Romanian start-ups and entrepreneurs are expected to join the international pitch of ideas until August 12th. The selected entities will follow a process that will allow them to gain more insight together with the institutional partners and brainstorm on the proposed solution, pilot and pitch the project proposals to the relevant decision makers within the government partners, further develop the idea based on the feedback received from the government entities, drafting the final project and concluding the contractual agreement to actually develop it.

The Dubai Future Accelerators is a groundbreaking initiative that brings government bodies together with the cutting-edge companies from around the world to develop bold solutions to enhance government practices and improve people’s lives,” explained Saeed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Platform of the Future at Dubai Future Foundation.” “We have witnessed consistent growth in the number of applicants from Eastern Europe with a proven track record in technology and innovation, and we are confident that our relationship with TPS Engage will attract these talents to Dubai,” he added.

Bogdan Savonea is a young Romanian entrepreneur and the winner of Dubai 2017 edition of the international competition, Techstars. He is working in Area 2071 for about 6 months, developing his winning business, TPS Engage, an idea that aims at the democratization of all digital outdoor advertising panels around the world.

„The simple fact of being present in Area 2071 enables a start-up to connect on the spot with top private and public entities. This is essential for shortening the „rollout” phase for a start-up. The multiculturality of the environment is priceless and offers you an amazing testing ground for your ideas and 100% support in developing them. It is also a very good place for actually doing business, as you have all these great connections at hand and a contract can pop up naturally over a coffee talk when you discover that your idea matches the exact need of a company you just come through. Last, but not least, you have direct access to the know-how of big corporations such as EY, Microsoft, IBM etc., as they are your co-working mates. The environment, the network and the mind set are priceless things that helped me to define the development model for TPS, besides the actual financial grants that are of immediate help. This is a type of life changing experiences that would shape your mind for the future and I highly recommend any start-up or entrepreneur to take the challenge!” stated Bogdan Savonea, CEO & co-fondator TPS Engage.

The applications for Dubai Future Accelerator can be sent until August 12th 2018 on All the travel and accommodation expenses are covered by the organizer.

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