Romanian tourism, on top! Summer 2016, the most profitable in the last decade


This summer seems to be the most profitable in 10 years for Romanian tourism. Amid international situation, many of Romanian tourists and foreigners have shifted to the Romanian seaside and the Danube Delta, shows an analysis conducted by Keysfin. Over 4 million tourists would spend this year, in summer, over RON 1.4 billion on accommodation and meals.

According Keysfin, the number of tourists who visited Dobrogea area (Black Sea and Danube Delta) has increased significantly in recent years amid the development of quality services.

If in 2010, were officially registered 3.04 million Romanian tourists, their number increased during the coming years, to 3.23 million in 2011, 3.57 million in 2012, 3.27 million in 2013, 3.37 million in 2014 that 3.80 million tourists in 2015.

“Prospects for 2016 season are extremely positive. Market signals indicate that the degree of occupancy on the Romanian seaside reached 100 percent in the last three weeks, August is at full capacity and the outlook of September are also encouraging, the weather will be favorable to extending the season,” Keysfin experts say, based on the expectations of companies in the field, the estimates of the number of Romanian and foreign tourists to cross the border this year will be 4 million.

Data on the number of tourists take into account only the official figures reported by operators in the tourism to authorities. It is known that in addition to these, there is an alternative tourism market, the so-called occupancy from private accommodation, where the number is at least equal to that of organised sector.

If in 2010 the total business of Dobrogea, including the seaside and Tulcea (Danube Delta) was amounted to RON 713.3 million, in the coming years rose from RON 662.7 million in 2011, to RON 805.1 million in 2012, RON 832.6 million in 2013, RON 948 million in 2014 and RON 1.14 billion in 2015.

Data from the Ministry of Finance, analyzed by experts at Keysfin, shows that the major players in the seaside tourism sector are Blaxy Premium Resors Hotel SA in hotels, Georgio FAST SRL in the restaurant sector, undergroud Group SRL in bars, Camp Năvodari SA and Stihll SRL camps segment, camping sites and caravan parks and Doublet SRL in other accommodation.

The biggest businesses in the accommodation on the Coast in 2015 were made by Blaxy Resors Premium Hotel SA for RON 18.41 million, followed by Vega Turism SA firm, RON 18.4 million and Voila AS SRL, RON 14.5 million.

“The renovation of hotels in Mamaia, Neptun, Olimp, Venus, Saturn and taking in a management similar to those of Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria has made tourism companies to record excellent results this year. A big decision changer was the climate of external insecurity, the attacks from Turkey, France and Germany influencing the Romanian tourists. The feeling of safety on the Romanian seaside determined also many foreign tourists come to the seaside and in the delta, travel companies developing tourist packages at attractive prices,” experts say.

A great challenge for Romanian hoteliers is, moreover, developing tenders for foreign tourists, especially those from ex-Soviet countries and young Westerners.

According Keysfin, in 2015 were 191,093 foreign tourists on the coast and in the delta were registered 33,815. For comparison, in 2010 the Romanian seaside attracted 133,900 foreign tourists, and in 2014 was 162,914.

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