Romanians are buying more and more used cars

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Domestic used cars transactions (re-registration) increased in the first half of 2016 by 5 percent to 114,040 units, just in June being recorded 19,585 units, more by 21.5 percent compared to the first month of the year, an analysis reveals.

Second-hand car market from import has grown the most, while the market for new cars started well but was ‘braked’ by the fact that the ‘Car scrap’ program began in June. As regards re-registration, the increase is quite small, from 16,121 units in January to 19,585 units in June).

‘Car scrap’ program which steady helped new cars market in the last decade started very late, the individuals being able to enroll only in mid-June.

According to forecasts, new car market could end 2016 up by 10 percent compared to 2015, a trend determined by the ‘Car scrap’ program, with estimates of sales of over 17,000 units.

At the same time, for imported second-hand cars market, 2016 may end smoothly with 250,000 units, while the re-registration figures could remain constant, with a total of over 220,000 units.

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