Romanians are replacing expats at the multinationals’ helm

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Currently, there is a reversal trend in Romania on the labor market compared to the situation before the crisis. Then, many companies, especially multinationals, massively brought foreign managers because they have rapidly expanded and thought that Romanians are not well enough trained.

Thus, according to Consulteam data, if in 2012, over 19 percent of the managers of the companies in Romania were foreigners, last year their share had fallen to 17 percent, informs.

In the last two years, Romanian managers have replaced the foreign leadership of several important commercial companies and banks. Late last year, Ionut Ardelean was appointed to replace Frenchman Frederic Bellon as general manager of Auchan hypermarket network. Another foreign commercial chain, Profi, has replaced the Polish manager Pawel Musial with Romanian Daniel Cirstea. Also, in 2015, at helm of the biggest bank in Romania, BCR, controlled by Austrian group Erste, Romanian Sergiu Manea was appointed tu run the financial institution, replacing Czech Tomas Spurny.

According to Consulteam, a more modest decrease was recorded in the second tier of managers: from 5 percent foreign managers in 2012 to 4 percent in 2015. The labor mobility increased in small towns, people being attracted by high wages and the greater number of opportunities. However, a problem is the low mobility of the rural population, which is hardly to drawn to the more developed areas, where is also workforce shortage.

Talking about specialists, the percentage of expatriates in Romania increased from 0 percent in 2012 to 0.3 percent in 2015.


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