Romanians put up for sale over 1.8 million mobile phones annually

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Over 400,000 Romanians are selling their mobile phones on an annual basis, the main reason being to purchase another more performing device, reads a survey conducted by OLX. Therefore, 18 million mobile phones are put up for sale per year.

The trend has bee strongly upward in the past years, with OLX forecasting a 30 percent increase on the mobile device category in 2018, a category that is the strongest on house appliance section.

Our users are posting over 190,000 new classifieds annually and the growing number of ads on our platform is also endorsed by a wide variety of brands and models. The latest smartphones brands on the market has also prompted a wave of cutting edge mobiles on OLX,” said Paul Neagoe, Business Manager OLX Romania.

According to a survey conducted during October 1-15, 41.71% of the respondents said they put up their mobile phones on sales to buy a new, more performing device.

The average duration of the selling process is 12 days for Samsung and iPhone mobiles and 13 days for Huawei.

As a matter of fact, the most sought mobile phone brands on the OLX platform are Samsung, iPhone and Huawei. In terms of prices, they are varying according to the brand. Prices could mount to RON 1,450 for iPhones, RON 954 for Samsung and RON 835 for Huawei.

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