Romanians, willing to accept less paid jobs in exchange of other “more valuable” benefits, survey says

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One Romanian in five has accepted a less paid job at least once during his/her career, while two in five said they would be willing to accept less money in exchange of other “more valuable” benefits, reads a survey by BestJobs online recruitment agency, conducted on 210 companies and 1,820 Internet users during June 3-25.

22 per cent of the respondents said they could accept a less paid job in exchange for more flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home. 21.7pc would take a poorly paid job if they had better professional development perspectives and 15.5pc if they had more consistent extra pay benefits.

The opportunity of advancing their career would count more than the level of the new salary for one in ten respondents (10.5%). 8.6% would prefer an office closer to home, a better co-workers (6.2%) or a more attractive brand employer (3%).

However, the same survey says that Romanian employees do ask raises less than 2 years since they had got hired.

Two in ten employees ask for a raise in the first year of work, while 4 in 10 in second year. Only 7pc say they wait more than two years to ask a higher wage. The rest of one third never ask for a raise, waiting their employers to take this step.

Over half of the respondents are discontent with their pays. Almost one third (31.1%)  said their current salary is up to 25% below the wanted level, while a quarter said the wage is up to 50 pc under the needs. Less than a third (31.7%) argue their salaries are satisfactory.

Most of the interviewed employees who want to re-negotiate their salary work in the Sales department (42.4%), IT (31.1%), Finances-Accountancy (22.6%), Management (22.6%), Production (19.8%), Administration (16.8%), Marketing (16%) and Logistics (14.1%).

Employees working in the  Operational, Legal, Audit, Customer Service, Human Resources departments are less willing to ask for raises.

The previous BestJobs poll said that Romanians are shy in negotiating their salary during the interviews with the recruiters.

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