Romania’s 2013 agricultural value production hit RON 78.464 billion


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The highest values were recorded in the South-Muntenia development region.

Romania’s economic performance has made it one of the leaders in Europe’s recovery. Its growth has exceeded expectations, with GDP rising by 3.5 percent last year. Significant contributions came from the agricultural sector. According to National Statistics Institute (INS) latest data, Romania’s 2013 agricultural value production reached RON 78.464 billion, a press release informs. The highest values were recorded in the South-Muntenia development region, followed by the South-East and North-East regions. The lowest values were reported in the Bucharest-Ilfov development region, an agricultural region of small importance.

The value structure of agricultural production in 2013 was similar to that of the previous year. With regard to crop production, the highest shares were reported in the South-Muntenia (21.4 percent), South-East (17.8 percent) and North-East (16.1 percent) development regions. As far as animal production is concerned, the highest shares were recorded in the North-East (18.1 percent), South-Muntenia (16.3 percent) and North-West (14.5 percent) development regions.

In 2013, agricultural production increased compared to the previous year due to crop production. The increases in crop production recorded in the eight development regions ranged from 52.3 percent in the South-East region to 25.1 percent in the West region. The rises in animal production ranged between 3.0 percent in the West development region and 0.9 percent in the Centre development region. The drops in animal production ranged from 13.5 percent in the Bucharest-Ilfov development region to 0.1 percent in the South-Muntenia development region.

According to a Coface report, released in September, Romania is the most dependent country on agriculture in the entire European Union, with almost 31 percent of the working population employed in this sector.

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