Romania’s digital marketing costs will move towards European values


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Amid accelerated digitalization and the growth of online consumption, the digital marketing market reaches a new level of maturity and knows the best period of development, five elements digital, one of the most important digital enterprise marketing agencies, says. Thus, companies allocate promotion budgets 30% higher than in previous years for SEO strategies and 10% higher for PPC campaigns, which they want to be more sophisticated.

“The year starts ambitiously, with many new clients and new projects and investments from existing clients, a sign that there is a strong desire to promote both large and medium-sized companies, whether businesses that sell services or online stores. Of course, the increase in demand for digital marketing services, especially for SEO, is directly proportional to the increase in e-commerce, but also the competition in each market. After the pandemic, advertising costs increased enormously, by at least 30% in the first year alone. Also, there was a short period of stagnation and correction, but the trend in the last 6 months is up. The reasons are mixed – on the one hand the fact that there is still room to grow, on the other hand, the fact that the market is more difficult – the purchasing power is less and the competition is greater in every field, which must be compensated by an effort greater marketing. Overcoming the current difficulties, Romania is still a country with modest digital marketing costs that will move towards European values ​​in the coming years”, points out Steffen Heringhaus, founder of five elements digital, who for 2024 estimates the management of promotion budgets of 5 millions of euros.

Demand for digital marketing services, especially SEO and PPC, remains high, with five elements digital estimating a +50% difference this year compared to last year. Most requests come from enterprise-type companies and medium-sized companies, which also allocate the largest promotion budgets. However, an increased interest is also noticeable from local SMEs, who are aware of the need for accelerated investment in online promotion to help them scale their business.

“In the corporate segment, results can be obtained quickly, with very high returns, considering the greater authority in Google. SMEs have more challenges and thus the results are seen in a longer time. Budgets have certainly increased, but very importantly, the expectations of companies are becoming more realistic. Quality is needed, and the SEO channel is, next to the PPC channel, of paid ads, the most important pillar of promotion for many companies. Clients need quality and sustained campaigns. Even if the promotion services are provided in an offline and local end, the sale is initiated more often online, a fact that has increased the interest of companies in digital campaigns. At the same time, clients are more educated in this regard and demand more sophisticated and well-prepared campaigns”, explains Steffen Heringhaus.

Thus, in parallel with the development of the e-commerce segment, which is currently below 10% – 12% of the total retail market, the digital transformation is also accelerating in other industries and segments, being an increased interest in online promotion and from B2B companies.

From a technical and digital marketing tactics perspective, the field is defined by several trends that bring important changes, including the fact that the cookieless era is beginning and the fact that the omnichannel approach is becoming more and more prevalent as a way of thinking and designing campaigns. Brand marketing is also becoming more important and marketing content will become more qualitative.

As for the increase in the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, it will be present in a moderate way, because the content created by software is not of the same quality as that written by humans and therefore does not bring good results for the website promoted. AI will be used more as a work efficiency tool.

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