Romania’s honey production has halved this year


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The country’s honey production is half of the annual average this year, due to the climate and the drought, and beekeepers will not receive de minimis aid this year, as other agricultural sectors are worse off, the president of the Association of Beekeepers from Romania, Ioan Fetea, stated.

“This year is a strange one for beekeeping, with production below 50% of the annual average, due to climate change. In spring it was cold, there were rains, 60% of the acacia was affected, then this severe drought came, the flowers withered. The sunflower, from a million or so hectares, more than half was withered and could not be used. There were also geographical areas where some honey could be harvested, but not at the level of normal production, in the conditions where the sunflower gives 40-45% of the average annual production. In addition, Romanians’ honey consumption is low. We no longer have a market for honey. We (Beekeepers’ Association – n.r.) did not have any export contracts this year,” said Fetea.

He added this is also due to the fact that Europe was left with honey stocks from last year and, in addition, quantities of cheaper honey came from non-EU countries.

Romanian beekeepers requested de minimis aid from the state budget, but they will not receive it this year. “There were other agricultural sectors more distressed than us and this year we will not receive de minimis aid. We asked for 40 million euros. If 10% was given, it would be 4 million euros. 10% was also good, considering that, from June, we give syrups and cakes to the bees, so we have costs”, said the beekeepers’ representative.

He expects a honey price hike of 10%- 15%.

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