Romania’s trade deficit, up by 46.5 pc after five months

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In the first five months of 2016, Romania’s FOB exports amounted to EUR 23240.1 million and CIF imports amounted to EUR 27008.1 million, National Institute of Statistics (INS) data show on Monday. At the same time, the FOB-CIF commercial deficit was of EUR 3768.0 million, 1196.4 million more than in the similar period of 2015, meaning a 46.5 percent increase year-on-year.

In May 2016, the FOB exports were of EUR 4672.3 million and the CIF imports were of EUR 5652.0 million, a commercial deficit of EUR 979.7 million being registered. Compared to May 2015, the exports increased by 4.1 percent and the imports increased by 12.2 percent in May 2016

The same INS data reveal that during January-May period, the Intra-community trade of goods (Intra-EU28) amounted to EUR 17608.0 million for dispatches and to EUR 21045.9 million for arrivals, representing 75.8 percent of the total exports and 77.9 percent of the total imports. In the same period, the Extra-community trade of goods (Extra-EU28) amounted to EUR 5632.1 million for exports and to EUR 5962.2 million for imports, representing 24.2 percent of the total exports and 22.1 percent of the total imports.

In the quoted period, important weights in the structure of exports and imports are represented by machinery and transport equipment (48.1 percent for export and 37.6 percent for import) and other manufactured goods (33.2 percent for export and 31.3 percent for import, respectively).

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