Romgaz loses lawsuit against Court of Auditors, will pay damages worth RON 200m. Bonuses to be recovered from former managers

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Romgaz has announced losing the lawsuit against the Court of Auditors, following the decicions made by the Alba Iulia Court of Appeals. The court’s decision refers to checks conducted by the Sibiu Court of Auditors at Romgaz in 2016. Following the checks, the Court of Auditors issued a decision on the deviations of the company’s activity. The damages amount to over RON 200 million, reports.

“Romgaz will act in good faith and will observe the ruling of the Alba Iulia Court of Appeals and the obligations deriving from the enforcement of the Court of Auditors decision, although considers the decision in first court was the one grounded and legal,” the company informs.

The Court of Auditors decision made in 2016 forces Romgaz to recover the damages from granting overtime bonuses to the management, amounting to RON 9.16 million (0ver EUR 2 million).

The Court of Auditors also pointed to the unjustified payment of airplane tickets abroad during holidays and to a contract between Romgaz and ‘Bostina and Associates’ law firm for legal assistance, with payments made for two years after the contract had been suspended, with damages of RON 622,463.8.

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