RON 180 M to support Romanian tomato programme


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Romanian farmers willing to cultivate tomatoes in protected areas will receive from the local authorities a financial support of RON 180 million, the Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Petre Daea, announced, informs.

According to him, the sum is similar to the one of 2017, the debut year of this programme, the number of farmers interested in this project doubling.

”Over 9,000 farmers are willing to cultivate tomatoes in the protected areas. They have already begun to work. These are young people, some have left other activity they were trained for,” Daea stated.

At the end of last year, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) managed to honor all the obligations it had to farmers and the market was filled in extra-season with over 50,000 tonnes of tomatoes. Petre Daea pointed out that all tomato growers in protected areas will also benefit in 2018 from the de minimis aid scheme foreseen for this sector, namely EUR 3,000 / beneficiary / year.

In the first nine months of 2017, Romania imported 59,369 tonnes of tomatoes, almost similar to the same period of 2016 (59,075 tonnes), while the exports were insignificant, with only 262.2 tonnes, according to the commercial balance with agrifood products.

According to the statistics, the average consumption of tomatoes per capita in Romania amounts to 31 kilograms, compared to 34.5 kilograms in the EU and the production represents 20.27 percent of the total production of vegetables produced in Romania.



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