RON – lowest level against EUR since April 23

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The central bank RON/EUR reference exchange rate has reached the highest level since April 23 on Friday – 4.4645 RON per EUR. The RON depreciation comes in the context of regional trend due to foreign investors’ reluctance.

The RON/EUR reference rate went up by 0.99 bani to 4.4645, after another increase on Thursday of 1.31 bani. It is the highest RON/EUR exchange rate since April 23.

At the end of last week the exchange rate was 4.4315 RON/EUR.

Other rates: RON/USD 3.5898, up by 1.11 bani against Thursday, RON/CHF 3.7172;

“The exchange rate is in the trend with the region. We are talking about avoiding risks. On the market there were commercial orders, but the transactions recorded a mix of local and foreign banks. This is an obvious depreciation of the national currency,” a dealer said.

The HUF has depreciated by 0.3 percent against the EUR, while the PLN registered a 0.2 percent decrease.

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