Samsung Romania reopened Samsung Experience Store

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Samsung Electronics Romania has reopened Samsung Experience Store, the first Samsung store opened in Romania and in Eastern Europe. The reopening has been made in partnership with Avenir Telecom, a local GSM retailer operating on the market doe 21 years, through the Internity retail chain.

Among the novelties of the reopening there are Customer Service Level 2 and Service Desk. From now on, through Customer Service Level 2 Samsung customers will be able to access service department in one hour time and to customize their products through laser engraving.

At the same, through Service Desk, clients will be able to buy the wanted items more easily and to have access to services such as the product’s setting, fats learning, data transfer, the software download and update or service delivery.

Samsung Experience Store is also integrating the technology provided by  TPS Engage, thus becoming the first physical store in Romania that is dynamically reacting to the customers’ needs in real time.

The store is located at Baneasa Shopping City.

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