Schwarz IT HUB in Romania becomes Schwarz Global Services HUB

All the IT HUBs of the group, united under one division


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Schwarz IT HUB in Romania, the IT centre of excellence providing digital solutions for the Schwarz Group, announces that from autumn this year it will be part of the central SDL (Schwarz Dienstleistungen) structure under Schwarz Global Services.

The SDL division, which includes, in addition to Romania, hubs in Bulgaria and Spain, acts on behalf of the brands Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion, PreZero and provides flexible digital solutions and financial services tailored to domestic services for the entire group. Thus, with the support of Schwarz Global Services, colleagues in the various divisions of the group will be able to manage their business priorities more easily and in less time.

The Schwarz IT HUB success story goes to the next level. We are pleased to announce a new stage in the development of our team, with an additional component of integration into the Schwarz Group structures. In the summer we opened up new opportunities in the IT infrastructure area, the IT services and support area, but also in new technology areas (Golang or Mendix for example). Starting this autumn, we are incorporating a new division offering services in the administrative and operational area, services that we will provide both at Schwarz Group level and to certain group companies in the countries where we are present. We are keeping the focus on the area of software development, implementation and maintenance, but we are also expanding into other types of services. I’m happy that we have a great team. The group’s strategic choice to further develop the team in Romania is motivated primarily by the performance of the people here, but also by the potential of the new colleagues with whom we intend to grow together“, said Octavian Ichim, CEO Schwarz Global Services in HUB Romania.

One of the goals of Schwarz Global Services is to provide the most innovative and efficient solutions in retail, offering the best shopping experience. The finance department provides efficient solutions in the field of financial accounting, while the IT experts are the driving force in the digital transformation process.

The new division will be led internationally by Claus ter Haar, manager of Schwarz Global Services International. He has 17 years of experience within the Schwarz Group and previously served as CFO of Kaufland Romania and later Kaufland Germany.

The Schwarz Group is an international company, Europe’s number one in the retail business, with around 550,000 employees worldwide and more than 13,400 stores in over 33 countries. The group consists of the two retail divisions Lidl and Kaufland and is based in Neckarsulm in Baden-Württemberg. Schwarz Dienstleistung KG provides comprehensive services for the associated companies of the Schwarz Group.

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