SeedBlink Launches ESOP Design Program for Romanian Entrepreneurs


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SeedBlink, in collaboration with Mavers Tax Advisory and Andronic x Partners, announced today the launch of ESOP Design, an all-in-one solution developed for the first time in Romania for startups that want to integrate employee equity compensation into their growth strategy.

This program simplifies the process of creating and managing Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) for Romanian companies by leveraging the experience of legal, tax, and digital management specialists, providing founders with the tools and expertise to implement effective ESOPs tailored to Romania’s specific legal and tax environment.

The ESOP Design partnership aligns with SeedBlink’s strategic commitment to grow and promote equity ownership in Romania and Europe. In 2024, SeedBlink is intensifying its efforts to scale equity management platform Nimity, simplifying the stock option plans for employees, funding process and investor communication.

“The desire to involve employees in the success of startups is more relevant than ever. ESOP Design addresses this need by making it easier for businesses to set up, launch and manage employee ownership plans, thereby attracting, engaging, and motivating top-performing talent. The synergy of expertise within ESOP enables startups to cultivate entrepreneurship in their teams. By cultivating ESOPs into the startup ecosystem, we are aligning interests and nurturing the next generation of business angels in Europe. We plan to  expand the concept with partners in more European countries in the coming months,” said Andrei Dudoiu, Managing Partner at SeedBlink.

“Our collective goal is to make ESOPs affordable, quick to implement, and tax risk-free so that founders have a simpler administration experience. We want them to gain new and necessary tax knowledge to expand their business beyond Romania’s borders through this ESOP implementation which will help them retain and motivate key employees,” stated Andreea Cosmănescu, Managing Partner at Mavers Tax Advisory.

“The ESOP is the heart of a business because it’s the people, not the founders, who drive the growth of a start-up. The ESOP Design Programme is designed to make the content of such a reward plan clear to everyone and to simplify its creation, implementation and management. We are happy to help SeedBlink and Nimity reach their strategic goal,” said Ana Maria Andronic, Founding Partner at Andronic x Partners.

ESOP Design: simplifying employee participation

Romanian entrepreneurs interested in the ESOP Design initiative can take part in an online event on 27 February. They will explore the impact that Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) can have on company culture and growth. It will also provide an opportunity for industry professionals and leaders to discuss fostering a culture of success and innovation within their organizations.

Since launching its equity management solution, Nimity, last June, SeedBlink brought over 10,000 company representatives and shareholders onto the platform. In addition, it has efficiently integrated over 2,500 company capitalization tables and facilitated ESOPs for over 500 beneficiaries. These accomplishments support SeedBlink’s positioning as the only European platform that combines financing, equity management and secondary transactions for private equity into a single ecosystem.

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