Selection process for new Tarom’s CEO, just launched

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The Romanian government started the selection process for a new CEO of Tarom, from which it ‘s expected to bring the national air operator on profit from operations, but also to draw up a plan to modernize the fleet starting next year, and to reorganize the company from basis, informs.

The selection procedure was initiated after when, nearly a month ago, the Belgian Christian Heinzmann was removed from the management team, following the Ministry of Transport’s pressure, which holds over 97 percent of company’s stake.

Tarom’s Board of Directors has decided the revocation of Christian Heinzmann from the offices of Director General and Accountable Manager of the company, due to management deficiencies, and the appointment of Gabriel Stroe, former CFO, as interim head in both positions.

Christian Heinzmann, who is a Belgian citizen, took the office with Tarom on November 19, 2012, on a four-year contract.

Tarom registered in the past two years several technical and administrative deficiencies, which led to a huge number of flights cancelled or delayed, with negative consequences for the company’s budget, including the payment of reparations amounting to approximately USD 1 million.

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