Senate to change National Bank management’s statute

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The Senate has tacitly approved on Wednesday a draft bill proposed by Daniel Zamfir, regarding the statute of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) management’s statute. If the Chamber of Deputies votes the law, the BNR employees will have the same statute as any other employee, informs.

By the draft bill, article 25, paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Law 312/2004 regarding the statute of the National Bank will be repealed, so that the BNR Board of Directors members and the staff for prudential supervision duties will be civil and criminally responsible.

The two paragraphs to be repealed, stipulate that “the members of the BNR Board of Directors and the staff responsible to carry out prudential supervision duties, shall not be civil or criminally responsible, as the case may be, if the courts find that the fulfillment or omission to fulfill, by these persons, in good faith and without negligence, of any act or deed related to exercising, under the law, the prudential supervision duties. The costs of court proceedings initiated against the above persons are borne by the National Bank of Romania.”



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