Skillhub Review: 10 Most Interesting Career Podcasts of 2022 


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The pace of life keeps on accelerating. We read books on the subway ride, chat with friends waiting for our doctor’s appointment, and scroll down the news feed when brushing our teeth. Another great idea is listening to career podcasts when you are on your way or waiting for something. 

The Obsession With Getting a Great Job 

Everyone wants to be successful. But the desire itself is not enough, since the only place where success comes before work is a dictionary. That is why goal-orientated college students know all professional resume writers in 2022 to make sure they create an eye-catching CV. They also read useful articles about employment. In other words, use all magic outside of Hogwarts they can. 

Career Podcasts – Where to Start 

Another tool for achieving success in your job is listening to related audiocasts. The offer is huge. So how can one make sure that they choose the best advice available on the market? Nobody can make the decision for you. But this article aims to help find the right needle in a haystack. 

Classifying Podcasts – Category 1 

Let us split all podcasts into two major categories. The first one includes webisodes that will work for everyone. They focus on universal principles. Knowing them is halfway to success. 

The Ken Coleman Show 

Ken Coleman is a coach from the US. His approach is very practical. Ken Coleman is talking about such things as professional decisions that you will regret and phrases making you sound stupid at work. By drawing your attention to detail, he explains bigger-scale employment prospects. 

Many people get lost in a new environment and this podcast helps them feel more confident and shorten the time needed to get used to the new environment. Apart from that, they answer important questions, like what is the best cover letter writing service near me or how to start a resume. Overall, it’s a great podcast, perfect for beginners. 

Career Warrior Podcast 

Successful career coaches’ and daring startup founders’ paths are in the limelight here. You will find out why you should change jobs every couple of years. You will learn how to develop a gut feeling that will point at the right offer when you have several on the table. It is great motivational career advice from influencers in the job industry. 

Squiggly Careers 

It is a weekly podcast covering your daily situations at work. How to stop being a people pleaser in the office, manage stress and discover your strengths. This show is a fountain of actions and ideas. 

Find Your Dream Job 

The name of the podcast speaks for itself. It is a treasure house of strategies and secret tips. It sometimes touches upon unconventional topics. For instance, how to find work if you have criminal convictions. Or what to do when getting a better job feels impossible.

Bring Your Soul to Work 

What makes you happy? If you know the answer, career coach Mo Faul knows how to make it happen. Being also a mentor, she can help you to get to the bottom of your soul. And to bring it to work afterwards. 

Category 2 – Tailored Podcasts 

The second category embraces podcasts that have a target audience. It is usually based on your occupation or interests. Think of your passions and problems and check out the list below: 

The Career Musician 

Maybe you do not play a musical instrument or have no particular vocal abilities. But do not be quick to skip this part. This program reveals the secrets of the music industry, from self-management to producing in the entertainment industry. You may find this knowledge transferable to another creative industry you like. 

Your Pharmacy Career Podcast 

This Australian audiocast’s goal is to inspire pharmacists. The host of the show, Allie Xu, is a pharmacist herself. Besides, she is Master of Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. The knowledge she shares comes from personal experience which makes it unique and priceless. 

Physician NonClinical Careers 

This is another medical program. It aims to support physicians who want to switch to a nonclinical position. Again, the principles discussed here can apply to other branches. For instance, how physicians can use online courses to boost income. The same can apply to designers, writers, or lawyers.  

The Classy Career Girl Podcast 

It is a work-life-balance podcast for women. How to prepare your business for a maternity leave? How to avoid burnout from work and motherhood? These are examples of discussed topics. The host is a woman, of course. Anna Runyan, CEO of one of the 35 most influential walk-of-life sites according to Forbes. 

Repurpose Your Career 

This podcast focuses on spheres for the second half of life. You can find out why millions of people retire earlier than planned. This will help you to avoid this mistake in the future. Networking strategies for the post COVID-19 world and repurposing jobs for the 21st century are also interesting topics.  

No two occupational paths are the same, of course. But it is much easier to avoid typical mistakes with the baggage of someone’s experience. Pack success stories, worst experience as well as best career advice into your suitcase, and start your vocation vacation. 

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