Smart Cities in Romania: 594 projects in 87 cities

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  • Alba Iulia remains the industry leader, by number of projects, followed by Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara
  • The Smart Mobility vertical gains speed at the top of the chart


The turn-key smart solutions integrator Vegacomp Consulting has released the Smart City projects report for Romania and the June 2020 issue brings forth 594 initiatives either in the projects stage, in implementation or completed, in 87 large, medium and small cities throughout the country, as compared to 330 projects in 45 cities in March 2019 – a considerable evolution, almost double by number.

“We could start this report with the idea that Smart City is always moving forward, regardless of the global context, but it would be false. Smart City is not only moving forward, but it is proving to be an essential help, especially in difficult contexts. Today’s technologies and smart solutions are quickly finding new roles, covering new niches and contributing, more than ever, to our health and safety. Only now is man truly learning how to use intelligent resources to secure not only his evolution, but even his existence. And this, keeping the proportions, also transpires from the strategies of the Romanian municipalities. And many of them are learning how to become a Smart City of need, after the early adopters train has already left the station and we see an explosion of Smart City Projects,” said Cornel Bărbuț, CEO, Vegacomp Consulting.

The top cities by number of projects either in the projects stage, in implementation or completed are: Alba Iulia (106), Cluj-Napoca (54), Timișoara (26), Arad (19), Iași (19), Brașov (18), Bucharest – Sector 4 (18), Oradea (17), Sibiu (16), Piatra Neamț (15).

The identified Smart City projects hold their classification within the same verticals – Smart Economy, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart People, Smart Living and Smart Governance, in line with the European Union reporting standards.

How has the pandemic translated at the level of large, medium and even small municipalities in Romania? With a little of everything: momentum, withdrawal, panic, confidence, nerves and suspicion. Our interactions with the municipalities, in the efforts to make this report, meant months of silence, the absolutely relative observance of the legal deadlines for responding to requests for information, and a last-ditch push, on the last hundred meters, from some officials who notified perhaps the image opportunity generated by the presence in the current report. We also spoke with mayors who presented us in detail the Smart City strategy, but also with mayors who, if we called them today as well, would still answer us by asking us what we want from them,” added Bărbuț.

The previous leader is also confirmed by this edition – the Smart Mobility vertical, which stands out significantly today, including in the context of increased attention to safety and health, which is reflected in transport – covered by no less than 188 projects, over 100 more than in the previous report. At a significant distance follows Smart Governance, with 130 projects, the vertical rising from the third position of the ranking. The podium is completed by Smart Living, with 121 projects, falling one position. Next is Smart Economy, which maintains its fourth place, with 84 projects. The last two positions are Smart Environment, with 42 projects and, respectively, Smart People, with 29 initiatives.

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