Solving the national brain drain and economic instability issue through branding


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International experts in marketing, branding, technology, and HR from companies like Heineken, Philips or UiPath are coming to Romania to equip Eastern Europe’s managers and entrepreneurs with efficient tools for solving pressing issues such as: competitiveness among the giants, finding valuable employees in areas with 0% unemployment rate and keeping them, or dealing with the ever-more skeptical and selective consumer.


Romania is currently dealing with a great brain drain issue, which is highly visible, especially within areas where the unemployment rate reached near 0%. Regardless of their size, companies are having trouble finding and maintaining their workforce on the long run. This, along with the political instability, causes a significant decrease in the productivity and profits of the local players, with any development drive getting lost in quicksand. Considering the weak influence that can be exerted on the political scene, local managers, entrepreneurs, and marketers find themselves responsible with finding some much needed solutions — and the fact that they’re dealing with an ever more skeptical and selective consumer definitely doesn’t make things easier. 


Brand Culture Inside and Out, the main theme of the REBELS AND RULERS conference taking place on October 17-18, can prove to be a great ally in tackling these issues — should it take its right place at the foundation of business strategies. Many influential business representatives have signaled the need of having a strategic state programme — and branding should definitely play a main role in it, being able to impact three crucial directions: 

– Employer branding and the internal culture of a company, community, or state;

– External brand communications with all the stakeholders (potential employees or citizens, customers, investors, etc.); getting involved in the different communities of a brand’s audiences;

– Approaching the cultural trends that the brand wants to be part of (anticipating, analyzing and appropriating them in the brand’s own culture).


These are all important parts of every business — be it a start-up or a corporation, every NGO or public institution — and need to be defined in a strategic, thought-through manner. Their importance is highlighted by one of this year’s speakers, Viorela Marcu, Employer Branding Leader for EMEA @ UiPath: “The brand culture is your organization’s DNA. Starting with the values, building into behaviors and going deeper into mission, vision, and the purpose of the organization, culture is embedded into everything you do both within a company and outside of it. Brand culture influences how you’re perceived by the market as an employer, as a service/product, and as a partner for your clients.” 

REBELS AND RULERS offers vital know-how around this theme during two conference days. Its 20 international speakers from countries such as the USA, the Netherlands or the UK won’t be preaching from books — they will be sharing insights they’ve gained from years spent growing world-leading brands. Among them:

– Thomas Marzano, Philips – Global Head of Brand Experience

– Anuraag Trikha, Heineken – Former Global Director

– Nanne Bos, ING – Global Head of Brand Management

– Amy Avery, Droga5 – Chief Intelligence Officer 

– Viorela Marcu, UiPath – Employer Branding Leader EMEA


The attendance of a public from across Europe (especially from developing countries including Slovenia, Slovakia, and Bulgaria) proves the need for quality business education and that brand culture is gaining important ground, now found in the top interests of managers, entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, and HR specialists around the world. 


Schedule details and tickets for the conference are available at  

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