South Africans continue to show their interest in investing in Romania: mining industry and SMEs, among priorities


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Recently, Andrei Gerea, Minister for Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and the Business Environment has met with H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Romania, Thenjiwe Ethel Mtintso, the officials agreeing that there are many opportunities for cooperation between the two states.

According to a press release, there have been given as examples the mining industry, an area with tradition and very experienced in South Africa, as well as the interest of this country for the organization and operation of small and medium enterprises on local market. There is also interest in South African minister of small and medium enterprises to pay an official visit in Romania.

„Being known the activities of some companies and investment funds in South Africa in investing in Romania, Minister Andrei Gerea asked Mrs. Ambassador Thenjiwe Ethel Mtintso to promote among business environment of her country the investment opportunities existing in the energy sector, ensuring the openness that the ministry management has it towards the potential South Africans investors,” the quoted document reads.

The Republic of South Africa is the country with the most sophisticated and developed market economy of the entire African continent which can compete with many other economies in the traditional areas in terms of economic development. The country, representing only 3 percent of the African continent, has 40 percent contribution to the economy of the continent to industrial output, 25 percent to Africa’s GDP, over 50 percent of the electricity and 45 percent of the production of minerals.

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