Spark e-car sharing service has launched on the local market

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Lithuania-based brand for e-car sharing services SPARK has launched in Bucharest, Romania today, providing an exclusive fleet of electric cars.

At present, the fleet in Romania is encompassing 50 electric cars, with Iordan Tonchev, the Spark GM for Romania saying the fleet will reach about 100-120 cars until the end of the year.

Nissan Leaf 40 and Renault Zoe are e-car brands to be used in Romania for now. Electric SUVs are already available in Lithuania and Bulgaria, the other states where Spark is operating. The starting price is different from one car model to another. It goes from RON 1.40/per minute for Nissan Leaf 40, while the tariff starts from RON 1.20/minute for a Renault Zoe. The fee policy is per minute, regardless if the car is on the move or not.

SPARK is practically enabling renting electric cars on short term; customers need to have an application available through iOS or Android. The advantage of car sharing is that each CS vehicle can replace 5 to 15 cars, thus reducing air pollution, it lowers the cost of use per person and can can replace the second family vehicle.

As for SPARK particular advantages, the new e-car sharing has a fleet of new cars, the pay only as much as you use (if you use the car for 16 minutes you’ll pay for 16 minutes, nothing more). Moreover, the vehicles are on demand and the app is easy to use. Customers will not bear the costs of the car or of electric charging and, in case of accidents, the cars are fully insured, with the company taking care of all insurance and transport procedures. However, there will be effects on the driver of a Spark car if the accident is caused by him.

SPARK cars will be able to be used outside Bucharest as well, provided that customers return them in the Capital.

In Bucharest case, it is a fact there is CO2 emissions higher by ten times, with 90 pc being generated by cars. At the same time, the Capital “boasts” an above average sound pollution and a high number of self-owned cars.

The biggest plus of the electric cars is felt in the cities, for they do not pollute, they are Eco-friendly. Among the biggest issues of the cities there are pollution, noise and traffic, which have to chances to be solved if this type of e-cars are gradually adopted. We decided to opt for these cars for this is the future of the cities,” stated Iordan Tonchev, General Manager Spark Romania.

The Lithuanian e-car sharing brand has also set up a special business service for companies, entitled Spark Business, with employees being able to use the electric cars through only one account of the company.

For now the service will be operation only in Bucharest. Spark GM for Romania explained that an expansion is envisaged as of next year.

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