Spontaneous protest of miners after CEH entered insolvency. Foreign investor would be interested in the company

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The miners in Jiu Valley have spontaneously protested on Friday and refused to start working after union leaders have presented them that Hunedoara Energy Complex (CEH) entered into insolvency procedure.

Miners are dissatisfied with the company appointed to ensure the implementation of insolvency proceedings, saying that they are determined to collect signatures to trigger the general strike.

Miners live with the fear that after the official admittance of CEH’s insolvency on Thursday, it will follow massive layoffs.

Meanwhile, a foreign investor would be interested in CEH as shareholder, sources said for profit.ro, without disclosing the name, but willing to come with at least EUR 200 million to the state company capital.

This, while the total debts of the energy complex to trading partners, banks and state budgets, amounts to RON 1.2 billion (about EUR 267 million).

About the possible privatization of CEH, it was spoken year ago, when, according to authorities, American company Quintana Minerals Corporation expressed its interest in this regard, but ultimately did not materialize anything.

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