StartUp Nation 2022: Which industries have the most chances?


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The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism published on Friday the draft implementation procedure for the future Start-Up Nation 2022 program, through which the start-up entrepreneurs would be able to obtain non-reimbursable financing from the state of 100,000 or 200,000 lei, with certain conditions, including the own contribution to the investment.

In 2022, the program has allocated only commitment credits of 500 million lei, for the time being, which require the transformation into budget credits, through budget rectification, in order to be able to make payments.

The main novelty would be the elimination of that “auction” of uncreated jobs that led to the overbidding of this criterion in the business plans of the Start-Up Nation second edition and to the failure of many oversized projects.

The own contribution of 5%, 10% or 15% was introduced as a scoring criterion. Those who insure 15% have a higher score on this criterion.

By fields of activity, entrepreneurs in the production and creative industries are favored in scoring. The share of the technologies introduced in the business plan is pointed out. Investments in environmental protection are also favored. Companies with at least one associate who has taken training courses in entrepreneurship and digital skills are favored. Entrepreneurs who exploit investment patents or various scientific research are favored.

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