State aid schemes for SMEs and companies

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Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR) together with Ministry of Public Finances debated Tuesday several laws on supporting investments that promote regional development by creating jobs and the state aid scheme aimed at boosting investment with major impact on the economy, during an event called ‘Investment opportunities in Romania’
Attending the event, Prime Minister Victor Ponta appreciated the dynamics of late of the CCIR, underscoring that it is important for the Romanian business community and investors to be represented in the dialogue with the Government. “As you know, and I am proud of that, the Government I am heading has set up a relationship with the business community… (…) It is highly important for the business community and investors of Romania to be represented in this dialogue with the Government, because that way we take better decisions and you help us avoid some of the old mistakes, and the entire economic development of Romania surely stands to win,” Ponta told. He assured the attendees that the Government has tried to take pro-business measures over the past two and a half years in dialogue with the business community to benefit the Romanian economy.
In his turn, CCIR President, Mihai Daraban, stressed the need for “an enhanced and predictable fiscal system to encourage companies to invest,” emphasizing the importance of communication between public institutions and business environment.

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