Strategic partnership on the private healthcare market in Romania

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Monza Group and Enayati Group have signed a strategic partnership to develop Revera Medical City, the largest private medical project in Romania.

Revera Medical City will comprise a premium unit for medical care, a residential elderly-care facility and a hospital on oncology and recovery.

Monza Oncology Hospital will take the first of the three buildings to be developed on the Revera Medical City platform. The hospital will provide patients with an oncology and oncology rehabilitation medical center, a radiotherapy center, a medical imaging center, an intervention cardiology center, a multidisciplinary clinic and a medical lab.

Based on an innovative concept, Revera Medical City will stretch on an area of 35,000 square meters and will be located in Bucharest.

The project, developed with a total investment of EUR 50 M, will represent the largest private medical development in Romania, a real medical hub.

Over 400 employees will be hired at Revere Medical city. I am happy about the partnership signed with Monza Group, with De Salvo family,” said Dr Wargha Enayati, the project initiator.

In his turn, Luca Militello, CEO of  Monza Group stated: „Through this partnership, we continue our pledge to constantly provide the Romanian patient with high quality, performing medical services (…) Revera project will be a benchmark for the Romanian medicine.”

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