Study: Romania, tourist attraction for new generations

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Romania can be a favorite destination for travelers seeking authentic experiences, for those belonging to the new generation (Y generation) respectively, for whom the lack of infrastructure is not an obstacle, but rather an attraction, according to Ernst & Young.

“Tourists from Milennialls generation (Y generation, representing those born between 1981-2000, editor’s note) and those who adopted its behavior don’t seek experiences or hotels preferred by their parents, but are very watchful to the costs which they assume. They are also much more focused on the experiences they have, be it a business or leisure travel. Romania can be from this perspective an attractive destination for tourists looking for authentic experiences in the midst of various traditional communities. For these tourists, the lack of infrastructure is no longer an obstacle, but rather an attraction for those who are seeking isolated destinations from every day urban areas,” stated in a release quoted by Mediafax Elena Badea, Marketing manager EY Romania.

In her opinion, these tourists are also the most connected to sources of digital information. Therefore, a key factor in the capitalization of the new emerging request will be represented by the ability of tourism services’ providers in Romania to have a strong online presence.

“Thus, a family of inhabitants in a mountain village offering countryside holidays including homemade food menus, carriage promenades and sleeping in hay would be useful to know how to manage its online booking application, its Facebook and PayPal accounts,” added Badea.

According to EY, “Less is more” is the approach asked by the Y generation and approach regarding the hospitality industry. As tourism increases in most markets around the world, travel preferences and accommodation requests from those who prefer hotels are evolving. In 2015, “Millennials” generation will continue to have a significant influence on how the hospitality industry will develop its offer and on the types of services that hoteliers will propose to their customers.

To meet these changing requirements, hoteliers are looking to come up with innovative alternative offers which to complement the traditional ones. Such deals have first appeared in Europe and Asia, but got expanded in the US and other markets.

Global hospitality industry knows a wave of development, innovation and growth in demand and places itself on an excellent position for new gains during 2015, as fresh capital infusions from new geographic areas increase the number of players in this industry and create a favorable context for acquisitions, shows the EY study “Global Hospitality Insights: Top thoughts for 2015”.

The impact of hospitality industry on the global economy is growing. Globally, tourism and travel industry today provides 266 million jobs and contributes with 9,5 percent to the global GDP.

In Romania, tourism had in 2013 a total contribution of RON 33,1 billion (USD 9,9 billion) to Romania’s GDP, representing 5,1 percent of the GDP, according to the World Tourism Council (WTTC). The Council estimates an increase of 5,4 percent of the total contribution of tourism to the GDP in 2014, followed by an average growth rate of 3,8 percent per year until 2024, up to RON 50,8 billion.

“With an estimated growth of 3,9 percent in 2015, Travel & Tourism industry will become one of the major engines of growth at local, regional and global levels. However, as tourism increases recorded in all segments – Recreation and Leisure, business and group – tourist destinations will have to effectively invest and to implement strategies that can help them to differentiate themselves from the others,” EY analysts stated.

Both business travel and the leisure one have steadily improved in recent years, recovering from the global slowdown recorded immediately after the financial crack-up of 2008-2009. The infusion of border fresh capital and the innovation in the properties and concepts’ area will be key factors to stimulate growth in 2015.

A number of new hotels will open in 2015 and will continue the process of changing the owners of the existing attractive properties. Overall, the industry has currently in view a lot of about 1,3 million accommodation places.


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