Study: Romanians are the UK’s 3rd most common business owners


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The UK has been home to countless different cultures and peoples throughout its history, and this fact remains true even today. For instance, in the 2011 Census 40.2% of residents in London reported their ethnic group as either Asian, Black, Mixed or Other. But how far does this diversity extend to the UK’s businesses?

ETX Capital have answered this question with their latest study. They gathered the Companies House data of over 200,000 businesses to find out the reported nationalities, countries of residence and localities of their business owners, and much more. This in turn gave them the means to create various definitive rankings based on the data.

Nearly two thirds (66.8%) of these business owners report their nationality as British, with another 3.3% reporting their nationality as English. The most common reported nationality of UK business owners (excluding UK nationalities) turned out to be Filipino (2.65% of business owners), followed by Chinese in 2nd (2.17%) and Romanian in 3rd (2.01%).

4th and 5th also both Asian nationalities (Pakistani and Indian) as is 9th (Turkish) and 20th (Bangladeshi), meaning over a quarter of the top twenty nationalities originate in Asia.

The majority of the top twenty are European nationalities, which is arguably less of a surprise considering the relative geographical proximity compared to other continents. Meanwhile, only two nationalities from Africa made an appearance (Morocco in 11th and Nigeria in 12th) and only one from North America (the United States in 15th).

4% of UK business owners report their nationality as either British, English, Scottish or Welsh, meaning 28.6% of UK business owners are of other nationalities.

8% of UK business owners report their country of residence as outside the UK. The most common country is the Philippines (2.59%), followed again by China in 2nd (1.39%) and Morocco in 3rd (0.60%). Of the top 20, most nationalities are either European or Asian.

The most common birth month of UK business owners is January while the least common is February. Meanwhile, the most common birth year for business owners is 1988.

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